Present To Yourself

Wall paint colour palette taken from nature. Smart idea!

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Allow yourself to like what you like. Because you will like it at the end of the day and after you exhaust all the reasons about why perhaps you “shouldn’t” like it so intensely.

And what about that what you don’t like that much? No good will, no fairness, no equanimity, no oneness practice, no moderation, no reasoning about why “you should like x and y” will mean anything at all when the energy to convince yourself is gone and when you wreck your mind about why you aren’t happy.

Your feelings and your body are talking to you all the time about aliveness, about delight; only your habits interfere, your conscious thoughts, your conditioning to put it away for another time.

Give yourself the things you really, really like today.

Be present to the present: that is a present to yourself.

27 September 2016

#emotionalintelligence #rapture

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