Blueprint Of Attraction

My Grandma as a young woman

My grandmother looked at vegetables with the same admiration and awe rose gardeners direct at their roses, art buffs direct at the most exquisite paintings, women direct at the shoes and fancy dresses they really want to buy.

While working in the garden, she would call me over, her eyes lit and smiling, and point at a cabbage, a leafy salad, a tomato bush, a parsley, or a corn: “Look! How beautiful it is!”

As a child, I took it for granted. Her eyes saw beauty, even sacred geometry, in the vegetables and fruit she raised.

I didn’t know what to think of it… I knew that I enjoyed the scents in her garden. I was more smitten by the aromas of herbs, berries, and the flowers in her garden than by the “beauty” of the produce, and I would hide out there whenever possible.

When I was 10, I held a garlic in my hand, looked at its turban-like shape, its 5 perfect parts, and thought: “How does the garlic know how to grow… like that? It is almost like a wild rose in its structure… And that sheen on its skin, it is so delicate… Hmm..?! I am becoming like Grandma. I am starting to see what she sees!”

Then, about a decade ago, I noticed something highly intriguing to me: the men I find immensely attractive also look at vegetables in the same way. They have a green thumb, smiling brown eyes, a constructive and blunt intellect, that glow that comes from being close to the soil, just like Grandma, and, oh yeah, I am swooning.

This is fun. To become aware of these imprints, and how they form a blueprint of attraction.

Which proves, again, that our dearest and warmest memories shape a preference. Wherever we have felt serene and loved, we will feel serene and loved again. In a snap, tension drops off, well-being washes over us, the senses go keen. We are attracted to everything that echoes an experience of scrumptious well-being and love.

We can not repeat the past; often our later experiences are even better than childhood; but there is always a thread that links us to the earliest bliss we have known.

Discover yours… and feel fine on this day.

20 November 2016

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6 thoughts on “Blueprint Of Attraction

  1. πŸ₯°


    And I think you like it so much, Karmen, because I am coming through here even more than in my other writings. I wrote it with gratitude in my heart and feeling blessed to be part of her blood line. Our Grandma was an amazing woman.

    We were lucky to come from her and to be in her care for some years. It was the best education we could have had in that time and a magical time in our early life.

    I have met so many people in my life… since.. The best remind me of Grandma.

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