Actions Speak Louder than Words

I have finally understood why men are so eager to convince women of their qualities as a partner. Men have observed two things: that women have lists with items to check off, and that women can be talked out of being serious about those lists. So here is the thing: there is a list forContinue reading “Actions Speak Louder than Words”

Friendly Love

Your best relationships are not with the people who impact you (or cut) the deepest or who make you feel the most useful, but the bonds that are the FRIENDLIEST. Being taught “stuff” or being the one to teach “stuff” and the grave feelings of being useful and on purpose only go so far. LoveContinue reading “Friendly Love”

Match Made In Heaven

It’s Written In the Stars: In Your Birth Chart Women:Gain from #Jupiter, the inner Emperor. In a woman’s birth chart, look to Jupiter and the house Jupiter is located in to find the most significant relationship. Jupiter is good luck, the benefactor, the positive male (in her own psyche), abundance, laughter, natural and luxurious bliss,Continue reading “Match Made In Heaven”

Animal Being, In Romance

Have you ever noticed that the courtship between animals is a lot more stylish than ours? A display of abilities that are cool and fun – flying, dancing, singing, home building. Thought for the week: All males on this planet are wired to impress. The two-legged are no different. Men want to impress, love toContinue reading “Animal Being, In Romance”