Match Made In Heaven

It’s Written In the Stars: In Your Birth Chart

Gain from #Jupiter, the inner Emperor.

In a woman’s birth chart, look to Jupiter and the house Jupiter is located in to find the most significant relationship.

Jupiter is good luck, the benefactor, the positive male (in her own psyche), abundance, laughter, natural and luxurious bliss, no stress, expansion, affluence. Jupiter is relaxed and optimistic, the protective male energy that keeps giving – traits that the healthy masculine brings on his own initiative -, and the experience of blessings.

Mars and Mars’ position in a woman’s birth chart depicts the inner man and warrior. Warrior energy is what we fight for – or against -, vitality, excitement, competition, triggers, libido. Mars has to do with mission, the cause we fight for; it does not provide the energy that makes relationships work. Mars is not about intimacy and agreeable, tender feelings. There is nothing receptive, serene, subtle, sweet, private or domestic about it. Two Mars energies together rub each other and argue; at best there is lust, but love – the ingredient for emotional connection – is missing.

Gain from #Venus, the inner Empress.

In a man’s birth chart, look to Venus and the house Venus is located in to find the most significant relationship.

Venus is love, sensuality, harmony, the energy that connects and makes things smooth, that teases out contentment and a deeper connection between people, charm and tact and pleasure, the goddess of beauty, and therefore portrays the most auspicious partner for a man, his ideal woman.

Neptune and Neptune’s position in a man’s birth chart is about delusion, the unreal, secrets, confusion; it depicts the deceptive female, who may be a temptation, but has the cluster of traits a man should avoid, if he intends to be happy. Two Neptune energies together are about the forbidden and taboos, repression, power imbalance, situations that undermine one or the other with underhanded and dishonest twists, addictions, stuff that does not live well in day light, the cloudy, sly and murky.

Yin and Yang In Love:
Emperor and Empress Smiling

Venus and Jupiter set the tone for ease, comfort, la dolce vita (sweet life), an uncomplicated vibe between two, good fortune, the sense of “life is lovely” and “I am so lucky”. In this setting, it is easy to appreciate every day and love and make it grow.

Jupiter and Venus are the least harsh, least heavy, least frustrating influences in a birth chart. These archetypal energies help relationships and let you understand your relational profile.

Ying and Yang At Odds:
Subversion by Aggression (Mars) and by Deceit (Neptune)
#shadow from Mars and Neptune

For women, Mars is tricky. For men, Neptune is tricky.

Mars is confrontational. Confrontations in your bond are hardly the recipe for happiness and a good feeling about your mate.

Neptune is illusory and the thief of clarity. Loss of confidence in your perceptions affect well-being, self-image and sense of competence – hardly a good foundation to relate from.

Mars subverts the feminine and the feminine wisdom in a woman.

Neptune subverts the masculine and the masculine wisdom in a man.

Therefore, both Mars and Neptune erode attraction, the magnetism of our differences that make us come together.

Other factors – such as Pluto – influence relations too. But Mars and Neptune play out by overthrowing the energies that compliment them.

Loss from #Mars, to a woman: gentleness, affection, holistic mind, love, the feminine.

Loss from #Neptune, to a man: clarity, direction, sense, ability to make decisions, the masculine.

There are men who want their love life to be an unending blues album, and there are women who want to compete with their partner, but to the majority, these models of relationship are the least fulfilling and the least desirable.

Think of the words “my man” and the thrill they give your heart — “my man” is not the guy who is giving you a hard time.

Think of the words “my woman” and the thrill they give your heart – “my woman” is not the gal who is driving you crazy.


If your Venus is in Aquarius, your match is a woman with Aquarian traits – if not Aquarius per se.

If your Jupiter is in Leo, your match is a man with Leo traits – if not Leo per se.

Keep Mars for work and sports, and Neptune for inspiration and intuitive self-expression.

Do the Principles Apply to My Own Birth Chart?

You bet. I will milk the insight from now on.

18 August 2016
full moon in Aquarius

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