Bromeliad, by Russ Ebersole

Prolonged worry about people who don’t care (much) about their lives can turn into a disorder that affects not only your psyche but your body too.

Learn how to stop that habit. And give your attention to matters that are meaningful to you.

You are doing it to be and stay healthy. That is your motivation.

(You are not doing it to spite the spiteful – by repeating flip slogans like “they don’t deserve it”. Unless that is what you need to be and stay healthy.)

Cut through the preoccupation with others by telepathically speaking to the competent part in them: “I trust that you can handle yourself well and solve all your problems. I know you will.”

Then detach.

People behave in ways that alarm others for as long as they can. The common reason is their childhood: they were “rewarded” for attention seeking and irrational or helpless behaviour and not given enough care and Iove when they were responsible and showed up with skill. They keep the behaviour for as long as it works for them. They change when it no longer does.

Learn to discern when your compassion is welcome and can make a difference and heal.

When they hardly notice it, it is not appreciated. (They are doing better than they let out.)

When your compassion distracts you from your own path, it helps noone. Bring it to yourself.

26 August 2015

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