The Time It Takes…

– The Time It Takes To Bond, To Be a Partner – A new baby, we treat tenderly, with patience and care. We do not expect from a child to respond in the way a young adult would, knowing that the experiences haven’t happened at all for that to be possible. But from a newContinue reading “The Time It Takes…”

Sanity In Relationships and In Life

Sanity is a great good. Sanity is very underrated too. Given the choice between “being swept away” and sanity, choose sanity. Because good love only finds you when you are sane. While in an imbalanced state, the affair that will find you might soothe you, or appear to be what you want, even distract youContinue reading “Sanity In Relationships and In Life”

Match Made In Heaven

It’s Written In the Stars: In Your Birth Chart Women:Gain from #Jupiter, the inner Emperor. In a woman’s birth chart, look to Jupiter and the house Jupiter is located in to find the most significant relationship. Jupiter is good luck, the benefactor, the positive male (in her own psyche), abundance, laughter, natural and luxurious bliss,Continue reading “Match Made In Heaven”