The Time It Takes…

– The Time It Takes To Bond, To Be a Partner –

A new baby, we treat tenderly, with patience and care. We do not expect from a child to respond in the way a young adult would, knowing that the experiences haven’t happened at all for that to be possible.

But from a new relationship we expect the most skillful delivery of trust and thrill, common ground and pleasure, satisfaction of too many needs at once, even though the bonding hasn’t happened and we are clueless about who the other person is.

How is that important? It is important to notice that patience is a resource we offer to all things and beings we care about and do not want to harm.

All expectations that come from the opposite, from impatience, are not motivated by the wish to understand or to love.

The youngest child will pick that up. While “we” have managed to convince ourselves that we do not feel it, although we do. We do.

3 October 2016

#emotionalintelligence #respect #love #intuition

#pace #body #trust


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