Actions Speak Louder than Words

I have finally understood why men are so eager to convince women of their qualities as a partner. Men have observed two things: that women have lists with items to check off, and that women can be talked out of being serious about those lists.

So here is the thing:

there is a list for imaginary things, wishes that were dropped into your mind by the consumer culture or the culture that will object to your opportunity to discover yourself and to your being single. This is a list you will shoot in the wind — because it is not your own .. at all.

Then there is a guidance system you can hone on the inside, so you will notice when the person that is a match for you stands before you. If you don’t want to hone anything, here is a clue: you will like him and what he does. Not “how” he does it but “what” — his service to, and his goal for, the world.

He won’t need to say that he owns certain qualities; it will be impossible for you to not notice. It will be as evident to you, as if I suggested: “Are you impressed by the things you are impressed by?” and you will look at me incredulously, “Huh? Of course, I am!”

That second “chart” is not about some desired partner; it is about the person you can cooperate with, have a sustainable harmony with and a high level of sizzle — you are excited about the same things. That chart is something that no one can take away from you. And men who respect their own time and are focused won’t. Because they too have their value systems.

Women took the list system from men. Men have just been better at keeping it secret.

Remember that at all times: actions speak louder than all words.

17 October 2016


#chemistry #compatibility #admiration #love



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