Early Morning Meditation Fruits

Your processing and your ability to respond to a situation (in the way that you desire) changes with the level of stress you are experiencing. The more aware you become of that, and of how much more you are being yourself when at ease and peace, the more compassion you can bring to others, andContinue reading “Early Morning Meditation Fruits”

Sit In the Power Of Enough

This morning, in a semi-awake state, my subconscious started to list all the reasons why I had to get out to a plant shop, the most appealing reason being “Tomorrow is my birthday.. It is time to treat myself..” However, I do have enough plants. I mean, I have a lot more plants than the average person.Continue reading “Sit In the Power Of Enough”

Two Portions Of Gratitude, One Portion Of Love

There is a thirst in us for appreciation. It is both a thirst to be appreciated and a thirst to appreciate. There is a need in us for gratitude. It is both a need to hear thank you and a need to feel thank you. May we be led to the sources of water. MayContinue reading “Two Portions Of Gratitude, One Portion Of Love”