Sit In the Power Of Enough

Blossom on my angel wing begonia

This morning, in a semi-awake state, my subconscious started to list all the reasons why I had to get out to a plant shop, the most appealing reason being “Tomorrow is my birthday.. It is time to treat myself..”

However, I do have enough plants. I mean, I have a lot more plants than the average person. I enjoy them. I derive a lot of pleasure from watching them grow. I also enjoy feeding and watering them. But the plain fact is: I have plenty of plants.

Last summer, a wise friend mentioned to me in her off-hand way: “Gardening is not about how many plants you can add. It is about maintenance – how many plants you can realistically take care of.. When it gets too much and you resent the work or you can not keep up with it, it is time to stop adding… and take good care of what you already have.”

What a balanced and helpful perspective – on gardening.. and also on life. 

16 December 2020

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