Healing Circle on 18 December

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We are sending our thanks to everything that is working well in our lives.

We are sending light towards the growing well-being of animals, plants, people and waters on earth.

We are sending reiki to all who are ready to receive it and to ourselves – the participants in this circle.

May your Friday be free of worries and tension. May your Friday delight your teachers and elders. May life perk up from your loving broadcast. May life get energized by your gratitude.

The end of the year is a good time to pick what you are taking into your next year. 2020 was a challenging year for many, but at the same time, we had time to think about our direction, to make peace with some conditions or with the past, to beautify our environment, to appreciate our friendships and families, to feed our health, to pursue some ideas that we pushed into the future, into that elusive bracket of “whenever I have the time for it.”

The pandemic is still not over, but it will come to an end. Make sure that you are drawing from your skills, resolve, positive discoveries of the year and your supportive network that surfaced too, and that you keep watering all these blessings when this situation becomes a memory of a road block, pause, and teacher.

It always helps to write down your blessings, because life is so many-layered, and by identifying what you feel grateful for in writing, you train your mind to notice and dwell on your blessings and your own receptivity, so that more of the same and similar good events can come to you.

You can also keep a note book of your gratitude and pour reiki into it. That was an exercice my second reiki teacher (in the 1990s, he he) inspired me to do; and I am going back to it this December. (I wrote and reiki-ed my gratitude lists in many years; while in other years, I did not write down everything that my mind acknowledged. I have found out that gratitude lists in a note book track progress in the most evident way, and reveal to you new interests, auspicious turns of events, stimulate your creativity and ability to cope with life, and make you a really interesting person.

There is a difference between “just noticing” what you are grateful for and writing it down. When you write it down, it becomes quite solid and nameable, and for some reason, your own words open up your horizon and subtly guide you towards good feelings.)

Happy Friday, Rainbow Tribe.

18 December 2020

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