Welcome, Winter Solstice

Image credit to Pure Wow

May your new season be everything you ask for and everything you work for.

Envision what it would mean to thrive, how you could feel, what you would do, who is with you, and how you relate to, celebrate and grow the good fortune in your life — and then, do what you can to do make that happen. Day light is increasing in the Northern hemisphere. I already think of the plants I want to grow in the coming year.

Love and light to this new chapter. I am especially grateful to the balance, harmony, peace expanding in my life, to the new invigorating entrepreneurial energies coming in, to the permaculture wizards who teach me what tomorrow will look like, and that I am noticing more earth kindness than ever… If not with the mainstream (maybe that is too much to ask, ha ha), but with the awake. May the good continue.

#solstice #Christmas#onsetofwinter (North) #onsetofsummer (South)

Winter solstice 2018

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