Two Portions Of Gratitude, One Portion Of Love

Bouquet by christmasnotebook on Flickr. 28 September 2008

There is a thirst in us for appreciation. It is both a thirst to be appreciated and a thirst to appreciate.

There is a need in us for gratitude. It is both a need to hear thank you and a need to feel thank you.

May we be led to the sources of water. May we be showered in rain. May we welcome the expression of thanks coming our way and coming from our mouths.

May we care for ourselves in such a way that gratitude is the red thread of our choices.

Fall Equinox 2016

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Fall Equinox 2016


A few more words to the concept 2:1 expressed in my title:

Masaru Emoto proposed the idea that healthy love is like water: 2 portions of gratitude, symbolized by the element H, and 1 portion of love, symbolized by the element O. Although this perspective may sound uncommon to you and may not be what you have experienced at all, give it a chance to sink in.

How would your life change, if you applied it?

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