Giver Of New Shoes

The person who has walked on eggshells too long will appreciate a great pair of walking shoes. If you are the one to provide them, you will vex the other who lived off the fear. But be clear on it: the beneficiary of fear doesn’t impress you at all. You are giving your gift toContinue reading “Giver Of New Shoes”

Human Evolution

I am afraid to state that most men mature only when they are being denied love, that only the pain over the pain they have caused, or the pain of having been thrown into a situation they have to navigate on their own – for a substantial time – will make them into adults. WomenContinue reading “Human Evolution”

Freedom: Luscious in Art and When Embodied

Really great art – be it music, poetry, literature, sculpture, painting or film – changes the way we move in the world. Its effects are first felt in the body, and then in the mind – as liberation, as expansion into a wider, untapped reality, connection and empathy, as the freedom to think in waysContinue reading “Freedom: Luscious in Art and When Embodied”

When the Familiar Is Not a Good Thing

Most losses teach us how good we had it and how much we took for granted. Some losses, however – curiously, the most significant ones – teach us how bad we had it and that it is fine to open to new experiences that do not remind us of the past. It may take aContinue reading “When the Familiar Is Not a Good Thing”

Full Self-Acceptance vs. Perpetual Transformation

Constant transformation can be an addiction too. About eight years ago, I had the hunch that self-hate and the resistance to accept themselves is what turned people, and a whole culture (North America and the new age community, for example), into transformation junkies. It is great to change for the better, to upgrade your style,Continue reading “Full Self-Acceptance vs. Perpetual Transformation”