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The untriggered state of being is the place of inner power and high creativity. You can claim it by eliminating what you don’t really love and resonate with — which is a lot that you pay attention to during the day.

Start eliminating in the humblest ways: instead of getting your mind involved in something that doesn’t serve you, feel your emotions toward the information, and let them go. Direct your focus to something juicy and life-affirming or something that you feel grateful for. You can practise that until the process takes place in a second, and then in the blink of an eye. Once you are able to do that, try naming the moments while being triggered like a narrator: “Oh, I am being triggered.”

Give yourself a few moments or even a few minutes to take that in. If you feel some impulse to act or to say something, notice that too, without giving in to it. You will have a lot of opportunities to respond to the information later. As you label moments with “I am being triggered”, you help yourself identify the moments when you don’t have the presence of mind to make wise decisions, even though your body can feel energized at the same time.

Briefly removing yourself from the scene or shaking your limbs helps. If you like, imagine that you are shaking the information and the feelings that it piqued out of your system.

A lot of talk exists why being triggered is good and desirable, but as a rule it is good and desirable for the expert at triggering others and not good for everyone else. I can not recall one incident where I observed particularly intelligent or genius behaviour in someone who was being triggered, I have never read about an inventor, scientist or person serving others making a life-changing or useful discovery while in the state of being triggered.

On the other hand, untriggered states of being have produced immense beauty, epiphanies, revelations, accomplishments and well-being.

So instead of paying attention to triggers, reward the untriggered state of being. It is possible for you to detect that you are not triggered (whatsoever), linger in that state and prolong it.

Start documenting the moments and the memories when you felt utterly untriggered. Watch what happens after three months. Your priorities and your taste could change. Despite everything that you have been told, you will feel more alive, not less alive. You will likely let go of a few things that aren’t good for you too.

12 December 2021

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