Be Happy For the Owners Of What You Desire

Another Perspective On Mudita, Sympathetic Joy

Good news on your gadget. Photo credit to iStockPhoto

Be happy for those who enjoy what you would like or cherish too. Scarcity mindset (that surfaces in attitudes such as “Why should X get what I never had?“) causes the ego more pain, and has no effect on those who are basking in good fortune and are radiant with satisfaction.

And there is more to every story… The concept of expensive garbage, that is, very little content wrapped in very glossy packaging, can also alert you to the reality that photos and declarations hardly ever convey and unfortunately even contradict emotional wellness and that appearances can be deceiving. What looks good to the eye or sounds good to the ear is not always what feeds the soul.

When images and ads of what you want seem to “chase” you, use the opportunity to become aware of your wish and how you want to feel. Bless people from the heart who find something great for themselves. The mindset of generosity, approval for their resourcefulness and their smiles, and warmth for the sake of warmth brings good things to you too.

19 December 2018

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