The Magnetic Force – And Where It Is Moving You

May the love you feel within you draw you to your purpose – every single day. May it balance all the relationships you are growing and weed out situations that are no longer viable. Open your mind to all your attractions, even the unconscious ones. Can you detect a common ground in them? A patternContinue reading “The Magnetic Force – And Where It Is Moving You”

From Mindset to Mindset

When I was a teenager, the things that move or impress me today were already part of my experience, but I didn’t react to them in the same way. I registered them as “curious”, “odd”, somewhat uncommon and as having more life force, even though I wouldn’t have used the term and I didn’t haveContinue reading “From Mindset to Mindset”

Preferences Communicate Consciousness

Just for today, I am grateful for the abundant proof I have been given that a person’s consciousness captures the present and sets the stage for her / his future. Therefore, if your intent is to really know another person, observe her / his consciousness. If you really want to understand chapters of your life,Continue reading “Preferences Communicate Consciousness”