From Mindset to Mindset

When I was a teenager, the things that move or impress me today were already part of my experience, but I didn’t react to them in the same way. I registered them as “curious”, “odd”, somewhat uncommon and as having more life force, even though I wouldn’t have used the term and I didn’t have the vocabulary to express that. The main thing is, I didn’t react with delight or with excitement… No fists pumping in the air, no hair flying in the wind, no spontaneous dances on the street – back then, to me, quite common ways to celebrate good news, great news, good vibes, great vibes.

This insight can be helpful when you are offering something benign and a tad outside of the familiar experience – people may not express much emotion or joy about it, but they will digest it. The time to claim it as theirs will come.

Offer what you have with confidence, and do not look for signs of popularity or approval. Trust in the quality of the offering. Know that reactions can change every day, that eventually everyone grows up, that underneath all posturing there is a deep need for a more fulfilled life.


30 July 2017

The Labyrinth of Connection, in Croatia

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