Preferences Communicate Consciousness

Oil painting by Renato Muccillo. “Silver Valley at Dawn.” Visit the BC artist at

Just for today, I am grateful for the abundant proof I have been given that a person’s consciousness captures the present and sets the stage for her / his future.

Therefore, if your intent is to really know another person, observe her / his consciousness.

If you really want to understand chapters of your life, feel yourself back into the feelings you had at the time, think yourself back into the thoughts you were thinking at the time and prior to it, look closely at your preferences of then — those were your attractions and your state of consciousness.

Consciousness is something you have in your power to change or to keep. How you live is an expression of your consciousness. The choices you make are an expression of your consciousness.

Well, you may wonder, how does knowing myself help — me or my life?

The answer is that knowing yourself is key to understanding what makes you tick and going straight to it. Knowing yourself gives you ease with life’s ups and downs; you can be calm to face the storms around you while free to be yourself.

What about knowing another person?

All good relationships root in understanding. You can raise your daughter, your son, well when you know who they are. You can inspire your “clan” to choose better when you are familiar with every member in it. And a partnership with a significant other is only fulfilling when you know the other, can live with how you know them and are thrilled by it.

Spiritual awakening follows consciousness. You will not have epiphanies that matter while semi-awake.

Spiritual wakefulness may not be the experience of a child living in a candy shop. But, if you want to use the metaphor, you will know where to find the candy and where there is no sweetness to dig for.

Is that going to affect how you choose?

Sure. If you are in the right mind.

23 July 2015

PS: I thank the sweetness of this morning too.

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