Mind Your Mind

Aware of your blessings, one encounter will not affect you too much.

But while unaware of your blessings, that one cheeser can mess you up big time.

What this means is that your mind is susceptible.

That is a good thing only after you have accepted that you are the nurturer of your mind.

If you leave it to others to nurture your mind, you will get something quite like the air in summer: honey from the bees and stings from mosquitoes. And you can not know when you will get what. It is so random.

You might even observe that like attracts like, that mosquitoes show up together and bees fly together, or as it translates to humans, bloodsuckers find each other and sweet people gravitate to each other. But both populate the air, and not when you want to. There is enough space for all life forms in creation; and all have their function in the web of life.

So first and foremost Mind Your Mind.

When you become the one who nurtures your mind, you find yourself in a good place, reaping good results, year after year. Regardless of what is going on around you, your garden grows.

You do not grasp for the honey in others, you enjoy it. You are less irritated by the bites of others too. The focus is where it belongs: on what you grow and on you.


The Sacred Feminine has been showing us for eons how to stay practical, keep a sense of humour and perspective: to not to call unwell things pretty, yet to bow and cheer to good things when they happen.

Find Her in mindfulness. And if you are a woman, you are the Sacred Feminine. Remember that, every day.

23 July 2015

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