The Magnetic Force – And Where It Is Moving You

Image credit to Pikist

May the love you feel within you draw you to your purpose – every single day.

May it balance all the relationships you are growing and weed out situations that are no longer viable.

Open your mind to all your attractions, even the unconscious ones. Can you detect a common ground in them? A pattern or a similar energy, maybe?

All your attractions reveal to you qualities you can discover within you.

Whether you are asleep or awake to your attractions, you are going there — to where they point. Attraction is drawing you. It keeps stimulating your thoughts, your feelings, your visceral being. Attraction is bigger than your thinking.

It is good to involve your awake observation to what is drawing you. For your mind can serve you and be your friend. Make it go “Oh yeah. I know. I like that, and I am going for it”, instead of ” What is this?” and “This is not meant to happen!” or “I have no clue what I am doing… and what all that is about?!”.


The advantage of bringing your mind to what is going on inside you and particularly to your attractions is that your decisions become more peaceful and are backed by how you truly feel.

I am not suggesting that there will be no disappointments or events over which you have no control; but when you know what you are drawn to and that indeed you are moved by love — or its first inkling, attraction — you can take what life brings:

the good in a gracious, welcoming style, without self-defense; the bad without adding self-punishment to the negativity.

As far as experiences in life go, you are not in charge.

You are in charge of your self: of the way you act and of the way you think.

Attractions are not something that you want to control. Attractions offer you vitality and joy, a reason to wake up in the morning, and in the bigger picture, that what you want to be living for! Don’t reign that in. Please. Let it captivate and move you.

The only attractions that you must reevaluate are those of delusion, temporary lapses of sound judgement, and attractions to activities that harm you.

Scratch the surface of such an attraction. Look to the core of it. You will find the essence of the quality you were meant to discover. It fills some kind of deficit in you, in an unhelpful and roundabout way. Work on filling that need in a healthy way, and watch the old “attraction” fade away.

You have done it many times. Think of a habit you have changed easily. You replaced it with a new habit that was more satisfying.

You can do it with a more challenging habit too. Be honest about it.

Choosing better habits is about honesty. Trust your body and how it feels. Trust in the functional part of you. (Not in the yap of your thoughts.) Wait for your thinking to catch up with the new habit and to root in the new better feeling.

So, feel good. Observe your thoughts when you feel good. Then… notice your attractions… That is what you will be exploring soon.

From attraction, purpose will unfold. You know that sense of “I am meant to do that”,”I am meant to be here”, “This is so perfect for me” or “I would not trade places with anyone”? Attraction is messaging you all the way what that could be. Cooperate.

Link with attraction.

25 June 2015

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