This Is Tomorrow Calling

“While history is telling you the same old thing, this is tomorrow calling, let’s stick a new oar in. This is tomorrow calling, y’all, and come on in.” Lyrics sung by Bryan Ferry Maybe you have heard versions of the idea that “some people can not show their love too well”. There is a distinctionContinue reading “This Is Tomorrow Calling”

Felt Contentment

I have arrived at the insight that contentment, and the sense of being lucky and blessed on which it rests, is not only subjective (because your self-assessment weighs more than random opinion), but also a matter of discipline. That is bad news for the young and the impatient. It is also an opportunity to evaluateContinue reading “Felt Contentment”

Edit What Leaves Much To Be Desired, But Collect the Good

It feels so good to hold on to good things. And it feels great to let everything else go. We are taught to not hold onto our happiness. But no one jumps in to instruct us how to let go of something that harms us and has taken the place of happiness — of allContinue reading “Edit What Leaves Much To Be Desired, But Collect the Good”

Giver Of New Shoes

The person who has walked on eggshells too long will appreciate a great pair of walking shoes. If you are the one to provide them, you will vex the other who lived off the fear. But be clear on it: the beneficiary of fear doesn’t impress you at all. You are giving your gift toContinue reading “Giver Of New Shoes”