Earth Send On 19 May 2023

Welcome to the new moon in May with its charming atmosphere, welcome to our meditation for the well-being of all life, welcome to our Earth Send. Your requests for spiritual assistance are being answered today: be welcome to the flow of good vibes and the flow of good thoughts. Your requests for reiki are beingContinue reading “Earth Send On 19 May 2023”

Earth Send On 28 April 2023

Welcome to our meditation for the well-being of all life on earth and to our earth send. If you have requested reiki and are ready to receive it, relax now and take it in. If you have requested spiritual assistance in the form of good thoughts, prayers and lightwork, be welcome to the flow ofContinue reading “Earth Send On 28 April 2023”

This Is Tomorrow Calling

“While history is telling you the same old thing, this is tomorrow calling, let’s stick a new oar in. This is tomorrow calling, y’all, and come on in.” Lyrics sung by Bryan Ferry Maybe you have heard versions of the idea that “some people can not show their love too well”. There is a distinctionContinue reading “This Is Tomorrow Calling”