Earth Send On 19 May 2023

Painting by Agnes Tiollier, whom you can visit at A nature lover!

Welcome to the new moon in May with its charming atmosphere, welcome to our meditation for the well-being of all life, welcome to our Earth Send.

Your requests for spiritual assistance are being answered today: be welcome to the flow of good vibes and the flow of good thoughts.

Your requests for reiki are being answered, too: be free to receive reiki now.

Everyone participating today is also a recipient of blessings and of the group’s reiki.

This morning, I woke up from an uplifting and spectacularly romantic dream. (It was not the first of its kind this week. Since Jupiter transited into Taurus, I am downloading vivid and rich information, and my dream life has intensified in a pleasing way.) I wanted to savour the inspired imagery and extend the warm feelings in the dream, so I did my first meditation right after I woke up.

My morning meditation confirmed to me what the dream had broadcast: that in order to receive something great, we need to prepare for it and be prepared for it and have an attitude of gracious positive anticipation.

Perhaps it sounds like solid and sane etiquette. But subconscious limiting beliefs and an unsettled self-image can thwart our ability to accept what life wants to give us.

When in doubt, assume the gracious positive anticipation that you would put on before a promotion or before a certain, or very likely, win.

You can collect yourself after. That would be the perfect time to update your self-image and rid yourself of a limiting belief, too.

What I am suggesting may seem a tad unspontaneous and like an act of some kind. I am very aware that most of us handle disappointments more matter-of-factly than we are genuinely ready for windfalls, positive synchronicities and good news that fall in the category of prayers answered.

Think about it in the coming week… Whatever is required of you to accept benign movement forward and a positive surprise deserves a follow-up, a tweak of attitude, a tweak of demeanour… The guideline for all festive occasions is that you bring your best to them. Festive moments in life include situations of immense relief and immense joy.

May your day fill your heart with contentment and go well.

Itadakimasu, in gassho.

19 May 2023

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