Earth Send On 28 April 2023

Spring in my former neighbourhood. I took the picture.

Welcome to our meditation for the well-being of all life on earth and to our earth send.

If you have requested reiki and are ready to receive it, relax now and take it in.

If you have requested spiritual assistance in the form of good thoughts, prayers and lightwork, be welcome to the flow of good vibrations now.

We are showering each other with love, reiki and gratitude. If there is a region or an ecosystem, animals and people who could benefit from your loving awareness, hold them in your good thoughts or between your palms in this session.

Let’s remember the rules of reiki:

Just for today, we make up our minds to rise above all worries and all anger.

Just for today, we work honestly on our lives and in our income generating efforts.

Just for today, we recall the people who have gone before us and to whom we are linked through our genes and our learning journeys and who have taught us to be solution-oriented, to rise above fear and doubt, defeatism and low energy, to move forward with courage, to keep learning, to keep perfecting our craft, to improve our life condition, to stand up again and to work for the world we want to live in. We warmly remember the people who moved us and who modeled competence, heart, enlightenment, intelligence and who had an impact on us.

Just for today, we are grateful for all the blessings we enjoy in this life.

Starting with the soil under our feet that contains the water we drink and grows the food that we eat; the dynamic seasonal transformations in the land; the roof over our head and the home that is the hub of our development as human beings… If you have begun to beautify and stabilize the soil and your home, I appreciate you for your coming around and your goodwill and your goodness.

The life that was given to us for free, as a backdrop to wake up in, was our first blessing.

We can enhance that blessing. We can learn to love our lives.

We can tweak our attitude to let more gratitude in.

We can tweak a few habits to experience more gratitude in our daily lives. Let me use the, to me, omnipresent example of home repairs: home repairs can inconvenience us, but after they are done, the benefit is palpable and expected to last. Sometimes our lives need repairs, too! They may inconvenience us, but after we put things in order, we are relieved and grateful that we did it.

It can be beneficial to take the bird’s eye view, if, like many practitioners of healing, you dwell a lot in the subtle and interior realms. Try to remove yourself a bit from your usual feelings and thoughts, and observe from the distance. Then increase the distance. Fly above the scenery. From the sky, look down. Try to spot a few places where you usually spend time in. What do you see?

If you saw a person like yourself in the environment that you are observing, what advice would you give her (him)?

Can you detect aspects in that person’s life that are being neglected?

With this information in your consciousness, decide that you will mend what needs mending.

When is the day when you will begin with it?

Try on the attitude that life is change and a continuing upgrade. Because you are alive, you participate in updates. You update your routines, your food, your rest and exercise, your finances, your entertainment…

Do not beat yourself up for how little you have done so far; do not get stuck in reasons why you couldn’t do as much you wanted to; do not tell yourself that there is no time for it, or that it is too late. We are changing now, and we are allowing a continuing change for the better. The time you have is enough. You are worthy of this change.

While the concept of self-care is old, the word itself has surfaced in casual conversations only recently… Outside of therapeutic settings, we, the culture, are only beginning to define what self-care is and what it could cover. I overhear young people use the term “self-care” for blocks of time, for what they do, for what they hope to do. I am impressed that, to them, self-care is a thing! We can take their lead. It is the way forward.

I embrace the discussion about such a proactive process.

If you like, take a pen and paper and jot down your own reflections about self-care. How do you feel about it? What does self-care mean to you? Do you have any concrete practices that you can call self-care?

Who are you when you are loved and accepted, secure and alive? What does this loved and accepted, secure and alive you know and practise that you do not practise (yet)?

Are you getting some answers? Or impressions that may be answers? Do you detect any themes in your reflections?

Please know that stronger boundaries or unexpected “No!”-s can be self-care, too: we have to leave things behind that are not good for us. Often it is easier to clean out the pantry or to give up an eccentric habit that is no longer useful than it is to have a difficult conversation or clean up your social circle. But every removal of unwholesome influences builds the capacity to let go of other nasties.

In extreme cases, we reinvent ourselves, we move to a new region, we open ourselves to material that we have walked by weeks ago, we reach out to people who we may not know well enough but have a good feeling about. This is self-care, too: choosing healthier environments and reducing the exposure to environments that made us ill, did not support us and in which we overstayed.

(I am not prone to catastrophizing. But after I developed some new processes of organizing a few work, home and seasonal routines, other pain surfaced that had nothing to do with things. I must have known that mess in drawers and on shelves made other irritations and emotional earthquakes more tolerable.

I cleared up the mess. Then, I got rid of people who were not meant to be in my life. I haven’t looked back. Except to congratulate myself.

Some of our shortcomings can tell a story about our feelings. As we bring order and beauty into a manageable space, a ripple effect goes out and it will sort out much bigger problems. We don’t have to subscribe to this outlook. Give it a try. See what happens.

I just shared what happened to me. I understand that a vibrational shift happened. I repeated it so often since and had very positive results. There is a connection between treating yourself better and having a better life.

I have a lot to be grateful for. More about that later. I am living in a better reality than years ago. My life keeps improving. I deserved a good life years ago, too. However, I needed to sacrifice the disturbing elements.)

Please be good and kind to yourself.

May this day provide refreshment, friendly surprises, a humongous dose of well-being and inspiration to you.

Itadakimasu, in gassho.

28 April 2023

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