Early Morning Meditation Fruits

Painting by Elena Barkhatova. No known (to me) website. Once it is up, I will add it, so you can go visit.

Your processing and your ability to respond to a situation (in the way that you desire) changes with the level of stress you are experiencing. The more aware you become of that, and of how much more you are being yourself when at ease and peace, the more compassion you can bring to others, and the more interest you develop in creating a stress-free and peaceful environment.

At times, that choice means self-preservation, ignoring situations and mindsets that are not contributing to your well-being and strong boundaries with people who have the habit of walking over others and provocating – just because they can – and who are pursuing a way of life or a style of communication that is not constructive at all.

Now that so many are exhausted from the daily grind and from improving the conditions for so many years and for so many people, it is deeply appreciated when others step up to care too. And it is key to be real about it.

If they show you that they have no interest in you being well, let them glide away. Do believe the behaviours, do believe the actions, do believe the words; don’t assume that they are supporting you just because they benefited from you before.

The motivation to reduce stress and conflict and live in a healthier world has a high spiritual value and it is very useful, although not everyone knows how to participate in it.

Being drawn to love is a healthy impulse, and we start to feel better near sources of love; but it usually takes an epiphany to reciprocate or realize that it is our turn to give back too. Being loved is also the place where our instincts wake up and where our feelings come into focus and are no longer in the background or vague. Therefore, being loved is as essential as loving.

The more you give, the more you will vibe with the giving, and the more need you will have to be surrounded by sources of love. A source of love can be a group of people, mother earth, and a spiritual practice.

The more love comes back to you, the more inspiration you can receive, the better you will handle stress — the regular stress that comes from living with a clock and the stress from people who don’t come to you to love you but to take from you.

9 January 2016

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