Earth Send On 4 November 2022

We are meeting in our meditation for the well-being of all life on earth and in our weekly earth send.

Once again, we are grounding ourselves in sanity, unity and harmony.

In my region, nature has provided the harvest. Many stores are filled with produce that is in season, affordable (at a time of inflation, too!), abundant and in all colours of the rainbow. So while you hardly see the fruits of the year in the land at this point, you see overflowing shelves — and it is something to be grateful for. Many gardens and mini-gardens are being winterized and prepped for the onset of the cold. This week, I was taken aback that the end of the year is so close. My 2022 was eventful, and it moved at a speed that I am not quite used to, wow!

In most other regions in the Northern half of the globe, harvest is happening, still. Many people are enjoying the season and the new pace that autumn brings and are working on their goals. Nearly everyone seems to have moved on to this new chapter. Perhaps we don’t need to forget the lessons of an exceptional situation in history. But life goes on and wants to be lived.

Throughout the last two years, I had many reminders that the unusual situation was a rare opportunity to recharge batteries and process wounds from the past that were contributing to chronic problems in life and that it was a good time to put health and well-being first and alter or replace a few habits, even start new routines. In less introspective times, changes that promote our well-being may not make it onto our priority list. Because an opportunity for mindfulness was being offered, it seemed easy to evaluate, put distance between what no longer seemed beneficial and emphasize our genuine preferences and the direction that we are going to.

I did not have a restful pandemic. Noise pollution from 5 am to 6 pm on at least 5 days per week coming from several construction sites was a daily reality in my (previously green and quiet) neighbourhood. The noise was often hard on the nerves and a challenge to mental clarity. However, it signalled “activity” to me. As weird as it sounds, I took the clue to be more active too and build the future that I want to be in. The noise pollution is coming to an end. Three new buildings are almost completed. Other construction sites are further away. The noise will affect other neighbours and be less close to home. The new buildings have brought a new vibe to the area code — it is different, but likable enough. In the coming spring, it will be easy to identify the soil that can be transformed into microgardens, and I will devote myself to this transformation!

Let me know what is good in your corner of the earth, what you have harvested this year or since 2020, and what good you have committed to.

May this Friday be a breeze of contentment in your week.

4 November 2022

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