Earth Send On 11~11~’22

We are grounding ourselves in sanity, harmony and unity, as we join for another earth send on this Friday in November. May all living beings savour and claim their well-being. Please send reiki to this circle and everyone participating or benefiting from it. The intense energies of the last ten months seem to be calmingContinue reading “Earth Send On 11~11~’22”

Healing Circle On 31 December 2021

We are meeting in the circle on the last Friday of the year and the last day of the year. Although this year will be remembered by most people as a particularly challenging one, I am sure that you had some highlights, wonderful events, insights and associations that you want to keep, recoveries or healingContinue reading “Healing Circle On 31 December 2021”

Healing Circle On 3 December 2021

We are meeting again in our circle for the well-being of the earth. May this day’s bath in reiki and love pour fresh energy and joy into your organism and into your mind. “See you” on the inner planes soon. 3 December 2021 #reikisend #earthsend #Friday #santosha

Healing Circle On 19 November 2021

Hi, Rainbow Tribe, it is Friday, and you can participate in our healing circle for the well-being of all beings on our planet. I have a lot of healing requests in this time. So I will be holding several sessions on this day. As always, remember the positives in your life, practise gratitude and showerContinue reading “Healing Circle On 19 November 2021”

Role Models: Find Them In Your Best Experiences

The free and loving change the world, by their example. At times it is enough to witness one person’s unwillingness to participate in toxic settings or in toxic ideologies to change your mind and do the same. At other times the love that moves towards you will give you the courage to act with loveContinue reading “Role Models: Find Them In Your Best Experiences”

What To Take Seriously.

Music.Not opinions. You never regret the former, and almost always regret the latter. … Here is the brief explanation for it: In order to catch our attention, music has to be beautiful and offer a harmony that improves our well-being. People opinion’s don’t have to pass a beauty test. On the contrary, the more theyContinue reading “What To Take Seriously.”

Extremist ideologies can not survive in the climate of love.

When your life is full of love, you draw boundaries almost by instinct. Everything that isn’t love, healthy, and doesn’t feel right stays out. You don’t have to think so hard to maintain that attitude. But for those whose lives are not about love, those who have never experienced love, those who fall for anyContinue reading “Extremist ideologies can not survive in the climate of love.”

Boost Your Immunity and Your Serenity

Other low cost immunity and serenity boosters that are good to keep in your kitchen (and add to your soups, smoothies, dishes) – turmeric powder: amazing anti-inflammatory spice that gets stronger in combination with red, chilli, or black pepper – magnesium: when you are stressed, easily stressed, or don’t have enough rest or sleep. ItContinue reading “Boost Your Immunity and Your Serenity”