Full Moon No. 2 In November: Fortune Favours the Bold

Happy full Beaver Moon. If you were up before dawn and lucky enough to have a clear sky, you saw the full moon in its glory. The moon is still full — you can look up now. Full moons are about maximum absorption, while new moons are about maximum detox, as I mentioned in myContinue reading “Full Moon No. 2 In November: Fortune Favours the Bold”

Boost Your Immunity and Your Serenity

Other low cost immunity and serenity boosters that are good to keep in your kitchen (and add to your soups, smoothies, dishes) – turmeric powder: amazing anti-inflammatory spice that gets stronger in combination with red, chilli, or black pepper – magnesium: when you are stressed, easily stressed, or don’t have enough rest or sleep. ItContinue reading “Boost Your Immunity and Your Serenity”