Boost Your Immunity and Your Serenity

Chilling in the Home Jungle. Illustration by Delphine Balm (and it has a different title)

Other low cost immunity and serenity boosters that are good to keep in your kitchen (and add to your soups, smoothies, dishes)

– turmeric powder: amazing anti-inflammatory spice that gets stronger in combination with red, chilli, or black pepper

– magnesium: when you are stressed, easily stressed, or don’t have enough rest or sleep. It doesn’t “make up” for lost sleep, but it can relax you for a few hours.

I don’t smoke herbs or anything, so magnesium is what I go to when I am exhausted or cranky. (It happens when I am sleep deprived… and in the past, when I had to listen to crazymakers… I am, however, a pretty balanced, not easily triggered, person. I know that those without self-control are having a hard time now, and I can’t promise that magnesium can placate a person who is ready to fight or easily hurt. For the average temperament, it is definitely useful.)

Also hang up a few photos or quotes that centre you and remind you of times when you were cheerful and savoured the juiciness of life. Your immune system will respond.

With love.

On 4 April 2020

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