Role Models: Find Them In Your Best Experiences

The free and loving change the world, by their example.

At times it is enough to witness one person’s unwillingness to participate in toxic settings or in toxic ideologies to change your mind and do the same.

At other times the love that moves towards you will give you the courage to act with love too.

Being loved in a difficult chapter of life and when you don’t expect it at all is a memorable experience that has the power to transform thoughts, habits, outlook, and usually it does.

Society is in such a deficit of healthy and loving examples, while being engulfed in ideologies that are ill, fear-based, hateful and ignorant, so you can be the one who leads with love.

You can also be the one who lets love in and lets go of ideas that prevent you from living well. In short, don’t do what the masses do, don’t shop for patterns from people who couldn’t give a damn about how they affect the web of life and who have a track record of pulling others into misery. Don’t volunteer to be their prey. Think of your best experiences. Find your role models there. Don’t waste time on delusions, no matter how glamorous.

Look deeply and admit to yourself what you discover. Bring more of what feels good into your life. That will open the pathways to higher quality experiences.


17 December 2017

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