Earth Send On 1 April 2022

We are meeting in our weekly circle for the well-being of the planet and all life on it. Please direct your gratitude and positive intentions into this meditation and reiki send. We are saying hello to the organs and the organisms that support us, that keep us alive and that enable us to experience lifeContinue reading “Earth Send On 1 April 2022”

Role Models: Find Them In Your Best Experiences

The free and loving change the world, by their example. At times it is enough to witness one person’s unwillingness to participate in toxic settings or in toxic ideologies to change your mind and do the same. At other times the love that moves towards you will give you the courage to act with loveContinue reading “Role Models: Find Them In Your Best Experiences”

The Beauty of a Person Is In His / Her Loving Kindness

All other assets are extras with a life span. A rotten core can hide behind a popular body, a great intellect, social graces, socially rewarded behaviours, wealth, fabulous advertising, and other veneer. It can’t make a person beautiful. You can hear that at funerals where the mourning struggle to express what was good about theContinue reading “The Beauty of a Person Is In His / Her Loving Kindness”