Earth Send On 1 April 2022

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We are meeting in our weekly circle for the well-being of the planet and all life on it. Please direct your gratitude and positive intentions into this meditation and reiki send.

We are saying hello to the organs and the organisms that support us, that keep us alive and that enable us to experience life and make sense of our experiences. We are saying hello to this fresh cycle of growth (starting with the new moon in Aries a few hours ago) and to the chance to create an environment of celebration, loving connection, quantum leaps, prosperity and peace.

In many wisdom traditions, the new moon in Aries is the most auspicious moment of the year to set personal goals and write down all your wishes. Give it a try. Write them on a paper or into a notebook. Or make a vision board… Watch what happens in the coming months.

By envisioning the future, you can cut through ruminations and low moods — and we have had plenty of them during the pandemic and now, as we are collectively coming out of it. A number of thoughtful people have shared with me that the last two years have been rich with shocks and disappointments about the behaviour in the human family. I felt that. I too saw enough unbecoming conduct. Here was a rare, once-in-a-lifetime chance to reorient, to repair and to elevate personal habits and relationships, and only few took it. I am not forgetting that a majority of people have bigger problems than practical stressors related to commutes, making an income, raising a family and caring for their elders; that to them, such stressors appear like the problems they would gladly sign up for. Well, at least we know with certainty now that the problems of so many people are not easy to give up or unknot.

I took the time to reflect on what I was seeing and why there is such a willingness to live on the edge, but I directed my mind towards my willingness to live on the edge. After all, if so many people I know have chosen a lifestyle like that, what does it say about me and what I am attracted to. Could I perhaps starve or mature the adrenaline junkie within? What would it take to emerge from drama orientation? These were interesting questions to me.

I have come up with even more interesting answers.

May this Friday breathe new life into your body and mind and gift you with a notion about what you want your course to be this spring.

Loving kindness is a state that we can take refuge in on a regular basis. Let yourself have it first, before you broadcast it out.

1 April 2022

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