Earth Send On 25 March 2022

Art work by Morgan Harper Nichols. @

On this wonderful day in early spring, we are meeting in our Friday circle for the well-being of all life on earth. May this ReikiSend refresh all who are participating and boost processes of healing in all our recipients and the communities around them.

We are giving thanks to the unity in nature that we are part of and to the balance and the loving explorations that we have committed to in the last two years. Yes, loss was part of the pandemic as well. But maybe you took the time that everyone had suddenly more of to evaluate a few patterns and to make promising changes to your schedule, lifestyle or home, and maybe you have surprised yourself with a new attitude, curiosity, creative flow and insights about how you can care better for yourself.

Our reiki group has been sending spiritual support to health care workers all over the globe. Please keep them in your awareness for a little longer.

May this Friday be like the gentle rain that washes away impurities and leaves the air fragrant and waters the soil that holds the seeds, the bulbs and the roots of all plants that are ready to bask in the sun again.

25 March 2022

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