Earth Send On 18 March 2022

Happy Reiki Circle Day. Happy Friday. Happy full moon. Happy early spring.

Today, we are meeting in gratitude for all the blessings that we have not celebrated enough and for the blessings that are coming our way in this fresh season of tree budding and new growth.

In many countries, pandemic measures are being lifted or relaxed. May the trend continue, so that everyone can return to ways of living that are more ordinary, less extraordinary, and heal the mind by engaging with the real – with nature and people – instead of with gadgets that keep broadcasting their death cult and that have normalized fight-or-flight responses to most “news”, paranoia and defeatism. The manifestations that we have witnessed in the news have challenged nearly everyone. However, there is mindfulness too: it allowed many of us to get to the bottom of those messages and that they are incompatible with everything that we are building – stability in love and self-cultivation and neighbourly friendships, for example – and that they are an attention theft. Deciding to not get sucked in and learning how to bring the focus back to where it belongs are skills that will become key to all creators and learners.

I appreciate your good thoughts and prayers and continued healing for our recent healing recipients.

Allow yourself to blossom this spring.

I will be in the Circle soon and later twice in the evening.

18 March 2022

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