Earth Send On 8 April 2022

Thanks to William Wendt (1865-1946) for this charming depiction of the season. Titled Spring in the Canyon.

We are meeting in our meditation for the well-being of all beings on earth and in our weekly reiki send.

We are honouring our ancestors and teachers who have taught us the way of harmony. Their individual expressions may have been unique and coloured by the region that they lived in, but look a bit deeper into what made them commit to health and love and balance, and you will find a lot of common ground between them. Today, we honour all those elders by being a student and a descendant in the way of harmony and by accepting that we too are someone’s teacher and spiritual family member who has practised more consistently and longer.

Neither the past nor the present has been rewarding loving consciousness with status symbols and other cultural markers of success. But we all go to it – to the people with a loving consciousness – when we are hurt and want to heal, when we want to celebrate and when we are asking for guidance about our next steps. We want to befriend people with a loving consciousness – because we recognize them as blessings, as supportive people and as helpers. Today is a good day to sink into gratitude for their instructions and their loving deposits into our perspectives about what life can be and who we can be.

Consider that you too are an uplifter, an inspiration and the source of love for the people who are receptive to harmony. Gentle does it. Easy does it.

It is a common misconception that transformation must be jarring and hard and that it demands the death of ego again and again. That can be true for certain personalities who learn through confrontation and pain faster and better than through subtle signs. It is not true for all.

Have you experienced growth and more self-worth when you were at peace? Have you noticed more intelligence, acuity and profundity in calm and serene moments? Have you ever had a nudge to try something a bit healthier for you, because you felt joyous and so good that you wanted to prolong, and even live, in that state? That may be a clue that your development happens in environments of reduced stress and that you can learn through tiny course corrections and that you can trust the journey of one small good decision after another.

Maybe you recall the feeling you had in a teacher’s garden, on his terrace at sunset, in the candle-lit gathering after a workshop. How can you add that feeling to this coming weekend and this month?

Your spiritual elders are giving you the stamp of approval to savour everything worth appreciating in your life – both given and earned. Keep beautifying, keep refining, and appreciate yourself, as you make choices that boost health and love and balance.

May your Friday go well.

8 April 2022

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