Earth Send On 15 April 2022

Thanks to Freepik for the image.

We are meeting in our circle for the well-being of all life on earth and our reiki send. Drop your gratitude into our circle. It will grow from being heard, absorbed, felt and appreciated. 

At a time of great stress and stress-driven awakening in the world, many of us feel out of sync with the collective consciousness and at the same time nudged to infuse healing and beauty and joy into shared spaces, so that all who are receptive find refreshment and their own connection with healing and beauty and joy. 

This week, I was reflecting on what I had learned in the peace movements that I was participating in a long time ago. I had a few unexpected insights that I will share: 

our diverse ways of thinking brought to mind the image of people living in a large building: the neighbourhood is the same, the apartments are similar, if not identical, the seasons provide almost the same conditions of light, precipitation, wind, soil fertility and views at the landscape, postmen deliver to mailboxes at the same address, and yet, what one neighbour will share is not what another one will talk about, and when you wonder about what all the tenants read and watch for educational purposes or for entertainment, and how they travel home, each has their own preferences. Although these people live under the same roof and in the same climate, their experiences are very diverse.

So the notions that similar, practically the same, conditions effect predictable and alike behaviours and that osmosis is how we adapt and arrive at our choices do not survive scrutiny. 

On a less conscious level, though, we often expect just that – that if we apply one solution (the solution that is working for us or the solution that we like best) to a group of people, they will fare with it just as we did. 

How does this connect to peace making? Can you guess?

Does it make sense to observe every single person in the building and find out why they are disinterested in peace? Or does it make sense to bring more harmony and peace into your own four walls? Who teaches peace: the person who does not know the value of peace, or an experienced peace maker?

Maybe the answers to these questions are diverse as well. 

What deserves a closer look, is: who are you learning from?

Have you chosen teachers who have had success? Do you protect your ego from comparisonitis or even criticize the person you could easily admire… and, just for today, send your gratitude to? Have you decided to wait for a time of more equality, or to fight for equality, because you expect that waiting or fighting for egalitarian conditions will bring about homogeneous conduct and desires?   

The answers that you come up with tell you already that all your loving choices count and that circumstances are not what enables people to be loving, but what surfaces from within them–and you can reinforce and celebrate that.

Imagine that the practice of meditating every Friday with us, or simply regularly, cultivates a mind that evolves, learns and self-corrects with ease, that rids itself of worry and anger, that appreciates the good in life, that respects ancestors and mentors, that uses time wisely (concepts that the 5 reiki rules have laid out) and that meditation is shaping you into a mighty peace maker.

The decision to befriend your feelings and your inner world is a pause from the seemingly unsolvable, inevitable dramas in broadcasts and in your own community. By sitting down to meditate and send out blessings and witness what life is communicating to you, you break patterns!

Give yourself this opportunity to renew your mind. 

Those who are embroiled in conflicts that may not be of their own making draw strength from a contrast to what they are going through – namely, peace, the opportunity to learn in peace and create wealth in peace -. Those embroiled in conflicts of their own making get to notice a way too that is far more desirable than what they have become accustomed to. 

May this day offer clues to what you want to continue, to your next steps and to how you can feel more gratitude than ever.

15 April 2022


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