The Beauty of a Person Is In His / Her Loving Kindness

All other assets are extras with a life span.

A rotten core can hide behind a popular body, a great intellect, social graces, socially rewarded behaviours, wealth, fabulous advertising, and other veneer. It can’t make a person beautiful. You can hear that at funerals where the mourning struggle to express what was good about the deceased and everything that is being said doesn’t move the heart, because no hearts were moved, and everyone is only waking up to the finitude of bitterness.

On the other spectrum, the loving and kind touch hearts while alive and are profoundly missed when gone. We are sad when they die because they made us feel lighter, more confident and capable, sane and seen.

The loving and kind recognize life. Therefore, they know how to live. We witness their approach to life, and their sweetness sweetens us. We find loving kindness in ourselves too, and we pass it on.

Loving kindness is what makes a person beautiful. It is the best trait in a person, highly magnetic, and it can last a lifetime. It can outlast a lifetime. It lives on in the memories we love to recall, in our own disposition, in our willingness to sync with it, let it flow through us, and make more of it.

21 December 2018

#thebesttrait #beautythatlasts #lovingkindness

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