Earth Send On 11~11~’22

Painting by Robert Moore whom you can visit @

We are grounding ourselves in sanity, harmony and unity, as we join for another earth send on this Friday in November. May all living beings savour and claim their well-being. Please send reiki to this circle and everyone participating or benefiting from it.

The intense energies of the last ten months seem to be calming down a bit now. In many places, people are occupied with their harvest, yard clean-ups, bush and tree cuts before nature goes into dormancy. The air feels fresh and clean, more refreshing and clarifying than it has been all year.

In many wisdom traditions, fall is a time of evaluating the year, of wrapping up, reorganizing, repairing, uncluttering and letting go.

In the coming weeks, I too will be busy with repairs and redecorations. It took me a long time to realize (because I had no framework to make sense of the data I had gathered) what difference a feelgood place makes.

If you are an autumn lover, enjoy the views and the sensual impressions that the season provides.

I am enjoying the November sunsets, the tangerine season and the first blossoms on my Thanksgiving cacti. (Climate volatility is part of autumn in my region. I don’t care for it, I make the best of it – when I can. There are positive aspects to the late year for sure. Flowers opening on indoors plants, for example!)

May this Friday refresh you and give you abundant reasons to be grateful for.

Happy first day of Carnival.

11 November 2022

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