Earth Send On 18 November 2022

Photo and art by Courtney Milne (1943-2010). You can visit a tribute to him at

We are meeting in our Friday meditation for the well-being of all life on earth and in our reiki send. 

Reiki flows to everyone who asked for it and can receive it and to the participants of this circle. 

In Ontario, autumn has wrapped up fast. This week, we had our first snow. According to forecast, it is going to be an entire week of snow. In other words, we are transitioning to winter. It feels like winter already.  

The weather does not please me. (My organism is not well-adapted to the cold, so it is more than a fond preference for the warmth and the warm months; I have a lot of health issues once the temperatures drop. I did what I could to soften them; but cold weather is cold weather and nothing to “write home about”.) But I know that mother earth needs a break in the Northern hemisphere and is making new soil from the compost and keeping the conditions balanced, so that we all can live. 

As I mentioned last week, home repairs are on my schedule now. Once you spend less time outdoors, it is easier to focus on what needs fixing inside.

The neighbourhood has been under construction since 2020. I have also never lived in a home before that got so many repairs. Ha ha ha. I am keeping a positive attitude about it all. As a rule, upgrades lead to pleasing results. It is only the work around the repairs that is bulky and dull. But fingers crossed … for the best to come.

According to Feng Shui, taking an interest in your home and your indoors worlds can reward you with improved health, luckier opportunities in your income-generating endeavours, recognition for your gifts and services, stable and fulfilling relationships with the family and the spouse, a robust proactive and appealing attitude about life, and lifelong learning about stimulating subjects. This is something to live for! Feng Shui also suggests regular cleaning and reorganizing and corrective measures inside buildings. So maybe I am on the way to my heart’s desire.

It would be very healing for me to experience a chapter of blessings, maybe several chapters of blessings. I am more grateful than I can ever express to all the supports and all the good things that are already in place. A phase of comfort would be immensely appreciated. It is time for it, too.

Thank you so much for being part of this Circle since June 2005. If you have joined later or just recently, thank you for your good will and your loving presence. 

May your Friday be a day of beauty. 

18 November 2022

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