Extremist ideologies can not survive in the climate of love.

Our planet, our home

When your life is full of love, you draw boundaries almost by instinct. Everything that isn’t love, healthy, and doesn’t feel right stays out. You don’t have to think so hard to maintain that attitude.

But for those whose lives are not about love, those who have never experienced love, those who fall for any promise to fill the lack of love, the lesson of boundaries is life-saving and often so profound that it changes the course they are on. Once they discover self-respect, i.e. firm boundaries, love finds them too.

All of us — the loved and the unloved — need reminders of how good life is, while love grows in it. That love brings freshness and well-being to a community; that love endures and solves conflicts; that love unites people.

When compassion, gentleness and leniency are being felt, attraction to extremist ideologies dies.

But all ideologies and concepts devoid of mercy lose sweetness and sanity and eventually become dangerous and extremist.

Therefore, without mercy, humanity is doomed.

Many have implied that love is the only religion that we need. But it is the one aspect in love — which is mercy — that we seek, that heals us, that saves us from becoming numb to our feelings, numb to our hearts.

So mercy is the only religion that we need.

This week, broadcast to the people how good life is with all the love in it that you are receiving, giving, and feeling.

24 April 2016

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