Earth Send On 13 January 2023

Seasonal painting by Brent Cotton. Visit him @ for more.

We are meeting again in our earth send and in our Friday meditation for the well-being of all life on earth.

I have an abundance of news that I think will be useful to you. I will pack these discoveries and handy revelations into my reiki send essays of the coming months. As I type, another snow storm is passing through the land. Power outages can happen anytime. That is why I am keeping it brief today.

In my last Earth Send essays, I have highlighted many worthy recipients of your (and our combined) gratitude.

In last week’s essay @ , I gave you the tools to a satisfying New Year’s resolution.

I am glad to hear about your dedication to your inner and interpersonal growth in the coming 12 months. A year is viable and substantial enough to put massive improvements in motion and to harvest the first fruits of your efforts. Our farming ancestors knew it and observed the year as a unit. Every gardener can tell you that a year feels like a full cycle.

My suggestions do demand a small investment of your time and of your resources, but they speed up and augment your progress — at smaller goals, at a life-altering cultivation of a partnership that includes cohabitation and marriage, and at maintaining all that has been growing well for you lately.

By writing down your priorities and focus … or alternatively, by making a visual memo, placing one word statements into spots that your eyes pick up in your surroundings and by chanting your word to yourself often and as needed… (“SANITY NOW” always makes me laugh, but there were times in the past when nothing about it was amusing, it was a cry from the core of me, neither Sanskrit, nor Aramaic, nor Latin, and yet one of humanity’s most common mantras, centering, immediate and full of power!), you begin to relate to your manifestations. You boost your will, your cognitive control and the completion of tasks that are manifesting your vision.

Daydreaming and thinking about what you like are less committal. Our minds do not keep every one of our thoughts. If you have ever lived with a lot of stress or dealt with adolescents, you know how hard it is to recall the thoughts that you had only an hour ago. Please do not rest on having a mind that recalls all your thrilling, memorable ideas. Write them down. Draw them. Glue your dreams to paper. That will make them pertinent and gettable to you.

As always, may this Reiki Send mobilize all the resources within and without that promote your well-being, healing, savvy and harmony with the web of life.

Just for today, experience the freedom from worry and agitation, respect your teachers, elders and the past that has led you to the here and now, be honest with the people you interact with and with yourself, and savour your gratitude for all that is blessing you today.

I am blessing you, too.

13 January 2023

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