Earth Send On 6 January 2023

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We are bringing our anticipation about this fresh New Year and our gratitude to the journey so far into our Circle today. Reiki is flowing to everyone who is ready to receive it and to everyone taking part in today’s Earth Send. Light and prayers are going out to all who asked for a boost and improved life condition and out to the well-being of all life of earth.

Since we are focusing on the well-being of all living beings and a coexisting peace in the human family, it helps to notice when you are absorbing information that is incompatible with this vision. You can imagine that information as “food” that you are feeding yourself and make a decision about how much of it you still want to absorb.

I am welcoming into our Circle the process of evolving into our best selves. If in 12 months you could become your best self, after all, 12 months are a good block of time, what would your next step be?

Maybe you made a few resolutions and plans for the coming year. Do they support the vision of your best self? Perhaps you want to tweak your plans a little this week, so that that your short term goals connect with the best version of you, your long term goal.

If you have not made any resolutions so early in the year, address the wise one within you, the one who knows how to manifest and obtain and receive blessings and ask how to make this year your most fulfilling and magnificent so far.

It helps to write down your answers, be they unconventional, unexpected, rational, nuts-and-bolts, or imagery and mind movies instead of language, or something you have been working on for a while.

If you get no answer at all, ask the wise one within you to direct you to an answer that feels great to you, to new information that moves you deeply, or through a dream that you will recall after waking up…

Once you get something that resembles an answer, guidance or direction, write it down. Or make a sketch of your impressions. If you enjoy crafts, a vision board with the contents of your answer can aid your focus. If words motivate you, a word or the phrase that describes what you desire placed in a spot where you pass by often is a good idea. Keep the writing there, until you have saturated your mind with it or until you can check off your goal as done.

What anyone can achieve within 12 months is remarkable. But we need to push through obstacles and low moods and we need to maximize our most inspired hours and be active in our high energy hours. I have noticed often that subtle course corrections led to results and kept my mind engaged in the process. Completing manageable tasks and micromovements and renewing commitment on a regular basis and details that suggest that you are on your way count. Every little thing that lets you arrive where you want to be counts.

If your goals include other people, be realistic about who is ready and happy to go along with you. The advanced can mentor you. Peers and buddies can keep you accountable. The young and emotionally young might want your reassurance that your efforts will improve your life and theirs.

(A word of caution here: keep children who depend on you away from harm. Keep adults who respect you out of harm’s way, too. Steer away from harm, period. If your mind is made up, you will detect it on time.

Our actions have consequences. You get billed for what you set in motion later. You don’t want that bill to be contempt and resentment from adult children or hatred from people who felt thrown under the bus.

I don’t really write for the personality I speak to now; but at times I have been surprised by talk; poor judgement, the false thinking that pursuing betterment included shedding of responsibility, followed by self-righteous excuses that nothing could be done in any other way.


Here, we do things in a variety of ways. We trust the information that we receive. We serve the good. We repair what needs mending. We do no harm. We accept no harm.)

Love people for who they are. Accept where they are at. And love yourself enough to evolve. Waiting for people to catch up with you is not a wise use of time.

It is nice to have people root for you, give you pep talks and celebrate with you; however, inner progress is often quite private, and you can observe it as real even without cheerleaders or feedback.

The essence of what you want can come in many forms. So identify the essence that you are going to invite in. Go deep into it. Examples of essence are ease, purpose, aliveness, security, creativity, abundance, appreciation, love. These cover a lot of possibilities already. Be free to borrow one of these terms, until you are sure that you have the one you want to call in.

Then let the essence (you picked from ease, purpose, aliveness, security, creativity, abundance, appreciation or love) come to you in any and every form that it wants to come to you.

If your best self includes a partner and a partner’s love, open the space for someone to join you. Make the time to get to know people with a compatible wish and similar future projections. Let your inner circle know, because you want their blessings and their input! Bring elements of romance into your now. You may still need to meet the person you will partner up with or it is the neighbour down the road with whom you interact. What you can already do now is immerse yourself in the vibration of being in love and joy and grateful. Our ancient mythology about the Garden of Eden featured union. The wish for a companion is ingrained in many cultures, and pretty much the whole world endorses it, and it rises in the psyche as a key component of a life well lived.

Of course, many people enjoy being single. No need to convince them otherwise. On the contrary. Be happy for anyone who is happy with what they enjoy.

This writing is about manifesting your best self. To many of my readers that includes the love of a partner.

If you already have a companion, water all that is wonderful between you and your lover this year. Keep your partner beaming and smiling.

If you are inviting a new partner, clear up the space beside you soon. And keep that space free – for that person. Accept invitations. Participate in events and movements that you love. Take yourself to places that let you feel the love that you will be sharing with your significant other soon.

Polish up your life. Polish up every avenue through which Spirit can reach you and that all the good that life has in store for you can travel to you.

May this Friday reinvigorate you and remind you of all the positives you have going for yourself and highlight the actions that you are going to take in 2023.

Let yourself live with contentment, self-respect and gusto.

A friendly, serene and stimulating New Year to you all.

6 January 2023

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