Born On this Day: Etta James

Etta James, born on 25 January 1938 – 2012

“If you want something bad enough and you strain to get it, it’ll come. Might not come right when you want to, but it’ll come.”

Etta James

Etta James had to overcome so much… She paved the way for fabulous female singers and left us with a remarkable body of work to appreciate, even the confidence that we too can put our challenges and poisons behind us.

Her voice inferred “Don’t mess with me, you piece of work.” And that is what we need more of and more often than we like to admit.

Her voice gives me strength. I am grateful to my ears when I listen to Etta.

25 January 2019

#survivorstrength #attitude #style #thepowerofagift #thepowerofart

#choosethegood #chooselife #Americanasfinest #Americana

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