Your Calendar In 2021

Panem et circenses, by Italian cartoonist Gabriella

In less than two weeks, the US administration will change. It is my opinion that the president was a mirror to people who don’t want to learn and do their work, but sit on their gadgets every night to complain. Mind you, he had authority while he was complaining; he was not the helpless adolescent dealing with situations that he could not influence. On the emotional plane that mindset appealed to so many, not only to Americans. Blame this, blame that, distract that you are not really improving anyone’s situation, except your bank account and clout. (Ironically, his better decisions were motivated by the wish grow his bank account and popularity!)

But I am not concerned about those in power, I am concerned about people who lose their sanity, critical thinking and life time worrying, hating on, or cheering to, even losing their lives (like this week) to people like him and other puppet masters.

Could the time spent identifying with or getting rattled by the show this president offered been spent in a more satisfying way? You bet!

Perhaps we don’t have to grow numb to all kinds of provocations; but protecting our resilience and ability to cope, our inner growth and self-healing, our loving kindness and silence are very important.

If you have been able to do it in the last four years, the skill is yours forever. You can start practising now too!

It helps to be honest about the soap opera value that these last years provided… and that you found yourself in the position of “audience” more often than you wanted to. And that was the plan: to make large groups of people into spectators instead of self-determined planners, builders, bosses, creatives, forces for human decency, love and truth, and bringers of happiness.

When we change, the people we see in power will change too.

8 January 2020

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