Looking Forward to More Great Music

When there is an abundance of great new music (right now is such a time; I hear a lot of unknown – to me – songs that have fetching rhythms, meaningful lyrics, and solid singers), a huge shift in consciousness is about to happen. When art sucks (and much of the art of the earlyContinue reading “Looking Forward to More Great Music”

When a Writer Falls in Love With You, You Can Never Die

It has been said before that if you ignite a writer’s love, you will live forever. Now imagine if you make it into the heart of a poet whose topic is love or into the heart of a composer who writes about love — and that love rises from enthusiasm, not from need or boredomContinue reading “When a Writer Falls in Love With You, You Can Never Die”

New Discovery In Music

It is very satisfying to discover a genre or a musician I don’t know well yet and with whom I click instantaneously. Reinhardt Buhr, born in South Africa in 1988, composes for God, in gratitude for his sobriety. That sounds a bit sterile in words, but his music is incredibly rich, juicy, surprising, meditative andContinue reading “New Discovery In Music”