Expensive Promises

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The attempt to liberate yourself from programming and negative, cyclical experiences belongs to psychology, not to spirituality.

Although it feels great to be free, and it is very rewarding to use energy for the aim of self-liberation, a lot of gurus and new agers have nothing to offer beyond that. Basically, they are offering methods that respond to a tone of exploitation, confusion and manipulation in our world.

But that is not unity consciousness, it is not an awareness of what connects us all, it is not peace work, it is not visionary.

In the language of new age: that vibration is kind of low. It can not heal the situation, because there is nothing for the heart to be moved by, as the next teacher keeps repeating the next version of how to best to change another person’s thinking patterns, instead of how to change a lifestyle so that it supports most, if not all, beings, their right to live, and their need to be safe and happy.

So — not much can be expected from those who haven’t put some effort into making their way of life an example of what others can follow too.

Talking nonsense is what made a lot of teachers popular. But we don’t need nonsense at a time when both poles are thawing, the climate crisis has spread on every continent, the rivers are polluted, companies are stealing water and trying to sell rain, tons of people function only while intoxicated, the wise are being ignored as if they have nothing new and severe to say, whole communities are being devastated by the most aggressive and unscrupulous groups, profit drives wars, human trafficking, the ecocide, genocides.

No thanks. Even teachers are not cutting through the moral crisis because they know too little.

Please wake up s o o n.


24 July 2016

Will credit the artist, once I know him or her.

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