“Just For Today, I Will Appreciate All My Blessings”

Art by Annie O’Brien Gonzales. Find her joyful paintings at https://www.annieobriengonzalesfineart.com/

We are blasé about so many things until we lose them, and we are unfamiliar with so many things until we receive them.

The noticing of blessings is a soft path to awareness: the awareness that your life is being supported, that your actions have consequences, that your mind creates meaning, that your feelings guide you, that there are so many occasions trying to wake you up to a higher plane of being. Appreciate everything.

Appreciate everything that adds to harmony.

And that which doesn’t? Don’t make it bigger than it is; it is crying for balance too. Witness it until you know what is needed and needed of you.

Your recognition is at its best place with everything you are grateful for, because all that works well can shower you with well-being, knowing and love. All that works well stimulates new manifestations and attracts alike, kindred energies, therefore more balance. It is like a ripple going out.

24 September 2016

A reiki rule inspired the title, but even non-practitioners can benefit by integrating the principle into their mindset. In reiki, we practice it every day. But even if you recall it once a month, you can alter your perspective for the better.

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