Your New Glasses Of Gratitude

When you start putting on the lenses of gratitude — from rose coloured glasses to a magnifying glass to a microscope –, you start noticing things: maybe your eyes wandered to crises, trouble and troublemakers too much, trying to help, pacify and bring relief, and you didn’t please yourself enough with the pleasant conditions inContinue reading “Your New Glasses Of Gratitude”

“Just For Today, I Will Appreciate All My Blessings”

We are blasé about so many things until we lose them, and we are unfamiliar with so many things until we receive them. The noticing of blessings is a soft path to awareness: the awareness that your life is being supported, that your actions have consequences, that your mind creates meaning, that your feelings guideContinue reading ““Just For Today, I Will Appreciate All My Blessings””

State of Emergency

#selfisolation #stateofemergency #March2020 #coronavirus #intheneighbourhood I am grateful to the kind neighbours who make themselves available to those who have difficulty obtaining medicine and provisions. It is so healing to observe the humane and loving attitudes in the neighbourhood. I already took care of this household, days before the state of emergency was declared. IContinue reading “State of Emergency”