State of Emergency

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I am grateful to the kind neighbours who make themselves available to those who have difficulty obtaining medicine and provisions. It is so healing to observe the humane and loving attitudes in the neighbourhood.

I already took care of this household, days before the state of emergency was declared. I am a prepper at heart. I don’t take style advice from peppers, or the paranoid rants that tell me about who the authorities in their childhood were – why would I? I do appreciate the wisdom of being prepared for emergencies, however. That is something to take into the future… if you have enough sense to know that this one virus is not the last challenge before you.

Seeing people reach out to neighbours who can not move around so easily is also more proof that most people’s lives, most people’s experienced reality, are at odds with the horror stories that the media have been profiting from for a too long time. There is a lot of material for writers and creatives in every day events, in how those you observed handled a crisis, in how difficult situations turned people into their friendliest, most skilled, best selves.. Take that material and offer it: it is an almost unexplored territory in our era and it resonates! So that is refreshing.

Be well. Stay safe. May this spring give you impressions of renewal in the land and what prevails here on earth.

(Instead of that other fictional plane that manages to occupy parts of the mind, until we find the clarity to shed it.)


19 March 2020

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